February 2018
Six Ways to Boost Email Open and Conversion Rates

Email remains one of the most effective forms of marketing. Despite its success, there are likely plenty of your customers and prospects who are not opening your emails at all.

Equally disheartening is when a customer or prospect opens your email but fails to convert. What’s a business to do? Well, read on for important tips that will help to boost the open and conversion rates of your emails.

  1. Segment your email lists. Targeting the right people is the key to improved email conversion rates. In light of this fact, it is imperative that you routinely evaluate your email lists to make sure they are as up-to-date as possible. Remember, most lists have a shelf life of only six to 12 months.
  2. Customize. The more you know your customers and prospects, the better able you will be to tailor the content of your emails. And research shows that the more customized an email, the higher the conversion rate.
  3. Double opt-in. When you ask customers to confirm their email address, you increase engagement and also guarantee that your information is accurate. This small task takes little effort but can make a big difference
  4. Nurture leads. One email is unlikely to convince anyone to do business with you. Instead, make sure you send a series of emails. For example, the first can introduce someone to your brand, the second can give an overview of your products or services and the third can offer a coupon or discount on. . . Readmore
January 2018
How to Tailor an Email Marketing Campaign to Existing Customers

Email marketing is a great way to reach new customers. And while landing new customers is an outstanding reason to use email marketing, it isn’t the only one.

Customer loyalty is another reason to employ email marketing. After all, customer loyalty is essential to the success of any business. Further, it is much more expensive to obtain a new customer than it is to retain a current one. And according to a recent study, email marketing did more to promote customer loyalty than Readmore

February 2014
Market Your Business the Smart Way with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to market your business. And when done correctly, an email marketing campaign can have a hugely positive impact on a business. Despite this fact, many business owners are not convinced that an email marketing campaign is right for their product or service.

Part of the hesitation on the part of these business is owners is the fact that they aren’t sure exactly what specific benefits an email campaign can offer. They are told that an email campaign is a great marketing strategy but they don’t know why this is so. So why is it? What follows are some important benefits of email marketing.

  1. You are able to educate your target audience. Slowly but surely a potential customer is learning who you are and can warm up to you over time. The same goes for the products or services you are promoting in your emails. You are no longer some stranger trying to sell them something – they have seen you in their inbox and feel that they “know” you.
  2. Your customers feel that you value them because you contact them between sales. This tells your customers that you are interested in keeping them satisfied and don’t disappear until they are purchasing something from you.
  3. You gain valuable feedback. People are more likely to tell you exactly what they think of your product or service when they don’t have to tell you directly to your face or over the phone. That means you get more honest feedback.
  4. Readmore
December 2013
Email Marketing a Must for Small Businesses

Recent studies show that more than 70 percent of small businesses say that email marketing makes up the majority of their marketing plan. Email is everywhere these days. Whether for personal or business use, almost everyone has an email account. That’s why email marketing makes such good sense – especially for smaller businesses and companies who are unable to afford a multi-media marketing campaign.

In light of this fact, you would think that every small business would be using email to raise awareness of their brand and increase sales. However, many small businesses are under the mistaken impression that implementing an email campaign is more hassle than it’s worth. In reality, however, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and least complicated forms of marketing you can choose for your business.

What’s more, email marketing offers a better return on investment than almost any other type of marketing strategy. That’s because the money spent on email marketing is minimal compared to other forms of marketing. Think about how much you would spend to produce and air a 30-second radio commercial and it is easy to see why an email campaign makes such good sense.

Email marketing also will boost your company’s social interaction. Social media is what is hot these days and email is one great way to connect with your customers. Email allows you to post links to your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and your customer can share your email with friends, family, and business ass. . . Readmore

March 2013
Try Farmers Leads for a More Targeted List

If you’re looking to further target your audience or trying to broaden you targeted sales leads criteria, and then consider expanding your search by using a list of farmer’s leads. You’ll most likely find that these types of lists will produce another 15 – 20% of prospects that you’re probably missing from other business and consumer lists. Plus, farmers and ranchers often get missed from high-income lists because home values and incomes are often modeled upon similar households and geographical location.

It’s safe to say that many lists are similar and offer most of the same sales leads but an agricultural list is a great way to supplement an existing consumer leads or business database for marketing purposes. Using a farmer’s list can increase your prospecting activities and successes by adding depth and dimension to those targets you might otherwise be missing. Additionally, you’ll benefit from information not found anywhere else, such as what these farmers are growing, how many acres they’re growing on, if they own livestock and the overall size of their operations. From farmers to ranchers, an agricultural list, such as that from U.S. Farm Data, is comprehensive and detailed enough to tell you if they even irrigate or not.

Knowledgeable and experienced, the sales representatives at U.S. Farm Data are some of the best in the sales l. . . Readmore

May 2012
Use E-Mail campaigns to Grow Your Business

Small and medium sized businesses know buyers are all about digital. Owners of these companies understand that traditional marketing, cold calling and direct mail cannot be used without online marketing, yet they continue buying mailing lists and sales leads. Wonder what they do with them? It’s no secret-they grow their business with traditional marketing efforts, online marketing and e-mail campaigns.

If you know how to write a sales letter, you’re in a good position to execute a successful email campaign. If you’ve never written a sales letter, you’re still in a good spot for email success. Take a look at this simple approach:

· Know your goal: Make it narrow and measurable, like “Generate 75 new qualified leads from life insurance providers.” Or “Get 85 senior marketing professionals to subscribe to our newsletter.”

· Know your audience: Stay specific. According to the noted goal, your audience would be:

1. Life insurance agents/Insurance agency owners

2. Marketing directors or vice preside. . . Readmore

April 2012
Grow your Business with Sales Leads and SEO (search engine optimization)

Sales leads include information and details regarding prospects, or potential buyers. Businesses use them for telemarketing, mailing lists, email campaigns and more. Without solid sales leads, companies often rely on word-of-mouth and organic growth, which is sometimes effective, but typically not as successful as targeted marketing using sales leads.

As companies target groups of prospects, they need to know their general characteristics to plan the most effective marketing strategies, true consumer needs and potential sales growth. This is where working with a sales leads or mailing list company comes in handy. They can help narrow your search down by vocation or number of employs, credit scores, annual income, number of children, etc…Working with a sales leads company will get you enough targeted contact information so your marketing efforts reach your best prospects and are not wasted on random mailings or misdirected calls.

Business who use purchase sales leads often reach their most profitable clients and focus most of their marketing efforts on telemarketing, mailing lists, email campaigns and traditional marketing sources. However, the most successful businesses are also using SEO (search engine optimization) to reach even more prospect. . . Readmore

March 2012
Happy New Year!

To help kick start your business this New Year, consider doing an email campaign. GoLeads has access to virtually any type of targeted audience. It’s a great way to get your message out quickly, effectively and inexpensively!

20,000 Emails for as little as $800

Now is a great time to consider doing an email campaign. That’s because we have slashed the price of campaigns over 50%. For as little as $800, you can get as many as 20,000 emails out to your prospective customers. You can’t beat it. So call us today at 402-334-1824 and ask for Shala.

If you’ve never done an email campaign before – don’t worry. We can do just about everything for you, and take the intimidation and worry out of the equation. Call us today and we will walk you through exactly how the process works.

So, call GoLeads today at 402-334-1824 and ask for Shala. Email is a great way to jump-start the New Year.

Here’s to a GREAT 2012. We look forward to working with you, and helping you increase your revenues. Thank you again for being a customer.

GoLeads Team


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March 2012
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January 2012
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